Why should you drink tea before training?


And just by training, we get to increase the basal metabolism, burn calories and the caloric expenditure is higher, something that we can boost even more if we eat some foods before playing sports. Tea, especially green tea, is one of those foods that has active ingredients that help burn fat and are ideal for enhancing the effects of training. Studies have even quantified and detailed the percentage increase in that calorie burn if you drink tea before going to the gym or going out to play sports. In this article, we show you what are the reasons why you should drink tea before training and what are its benefits. Keep reading!

Reasons why you should drink tea before exercising

Green tea has a great variety of benefits for our body, being one of the most interesting to consume before going out to train. Green tea is a type of tea that is obtained from the fresh leaves of Camellia sinensis. This variety of tea has not undergone oxidation during processing, thus preserving all its precious antioxidants. These and their nutrients provide a wide variety of benefits, being essential to prevent diseases, ailments and strengthen the immune system. In addition, tea is an important ally to lose weight, stimulate the burning of calories and protect the cardiovascular system.

These benefits are noticed in the long term and if we drink tea daily and on a regular basis. So, if we want to burn more calories while exercising, we will have to introduce green tea into our daily diet and consume it before going to train. Among the benefits that will provide us are:

1. Reduce abdominal fat

Green tea is one of the best foods to improve our performance when playing sports. A performance that is weighed down by factors such as abdominal fat. An excess of this type of ballast not only slows down our performance when running, training or exercising, but it is also a real danger to our health. Some dietary studies have shown that the consumption of green tea coupled with physical exercise was key to the reduction of abdominal fat and greater weight loss.

2. Improve our training capacity

Another interesting substance of green tea is caffeine, a substance that, although it occurs in a lesser proportion than in coffee, optimizes our training capacity by stimulating our brain, favoring concentration and making us feel good. encouragement, avoiding depression and keeping us alert. In addition, and according to studies, taking caffeine is an improvement in performance in sports training as it helps us to endure the most intense exercise without noticing so much effort. Therefore, tea can have benefits in the practice of sports, since it gives us a good dose of energy to face the training.

3. It is especially interesting for intense sports

According to studies, green tea is a very special ally for sports such as deep races, marathons or intense exercise. Carbohydrates and fat are essential for obtaining the energy needed during exercise. If the exercise is moderate and slow, our body will require more fat, but if the exercise is fast, then our body will require more carbohydrates. That is why for long-term training it will be important to have a green tea before starting as this allows greater oxidation of fat and a contribution of constant energy.

You see, green tea has a great variety of benefits, being one of those infusions that can not be missed in your diet. Always remember to consult your doctor or nutritionist any questions you have about your diet when exercising. Your body will thank you!


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