Training material to save you 9 months of gym


Alternatives to choose training material

As I showed you in this article, we are getting sicker and sicker. We have gone from overcoming communicable diseases, such as smallpox, to living an epidemic of noncommunicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia or Alzheimer’s. The main reason is our bad habits in life.

At the time of our grandparents, the gym was the work of everyday life. Physical professions that, together with some coherent foods, kept them in their body weight. Many lived with a pause and patience typical of a self-help manual.

Today, we want everything now, with results instantly. Magazine bodies in a month and without Photoshop. In a couple of days, move from a high-carbohydrate diet with ultra-processed products to a ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting. Change the world with a Facebook comment or live putting motivating phrases when your life is shit. Nonsense without possible assimilation.

For example, in the Middle Ages, they did not have these problems. At that time, they were not foolish. They knew their mission, to go to heaven if they behaved well, as imposed, or on the contrary, to go to hell. Being good was giving the few resources that were obtained to the court and being bad, supposed to go against the established. If this last thing happened, what’s wrong with your head! Let them tell poor William Wallace … Although he was cut off more than his head.

In my spare time, I’m a tour guide in Scotland,  but I’m not a historian. I am better able to understand what the human movement consists of and how you can improve your overall health, rather than analyzing the past in order to choose better options in the future. I could tell you the story of how the great Scottish hero died at the hands of the English and discuss the mortality conditions of the society of the Middle Ages, especially if no one today cared about his image and health. As I always say, each epoch in its context. And if we become adventurers of time, I have it clear: I do not change any time spent on this.

Although thinking about it better, maybe you should look at your past to begin to achieve the health of the 21st century.

The first step to free yourself from your past

The first decision you have to make is to stop going to a conventional gym to just sit down. Have you ever been any? I imagine so and without much success.

By the way, I worked on one. Full of latest model machines. An authentic pass. They stimulated your chest from angles that did not exist. Of course, the space for the movement was scarce. The worst thing is that I often let myself be carried away by stress. Rush hour in the gym and there came a time when playing Tetris paid off. You were placing the poor customers in the few machines that remained free. Really, an absurdity. In this situation, an enlightened told me that over the years I would regret having left the gym and what I was learning. Right, I learned how I did not want to continue focusing my profession.

Therefore, I recommend a material that will change everything about you. Everyone has that material on top. Some heavier than others, but they have it and can use it without any problem. It is a material that you can take for a walk, for example, to Scotland to reconnect with your health in its nature, to complement it with your favorite sport or to train at home. A marvel of imperfect design.

Once, I heard one of the best physical trainers of football, by the way from Tenerife, who is training with players from the Juventus youth academy taught how to do cartwheels and other complex movements. That day, those of us who were present in that study, testing the conical pulley, learned a lot from the great Julio Tous. His phrase about the training of the young players of the Juventus of Turin planted a seed that would begin to germinate recently.

No, I will not send you to do cartwheels to stimulate your cerebellum and send information to your frontal cortex to refine your muscle recruitment sequence, increasing the dopamine and generating a feeling of satisfaction and happiness by applying new motor learning. If that’s what you’re thinking, you’re wrong, but I think I’ve given you enough clues. Do you already know what material it is? Yes, your own bodyweight!

That said, you do not need to do cartwheels to stimulate your brain. With the oldest exercises in history, you can make progressions to have the health of the XXI century, such as push-ups, squats, strides, plates or dominated in a tree. We spent many hours sitting a day. Do you really think that going to a gym to lift a guided weight will help keep you exercising in the long term? Possibly yes, as an individual. Surely not, as humanity. There are the data.

Believe me that as you control your body you will want to progress a little more. And if we go further, we have to enter, now, into the world of the material. Cheap, by the way.

Four basic training materials to avoid paying a gym

It is true that, as we evolve and these movements become simpler, the brain needs new forms of excitement. We can achieve this with different materials such as the following:

If I have to highlight something above the rest is the improvement in the strength of grip. Our grandparents shook hands and almost broke us. Today, we are losing that grip strength. If you have children, you will be struck by the strength of grip they may have when they are very young.

With the rings, the strength of the hands, wrists, and forearms will recover again. However, the most important benefit is the stimulation they provoke in the abdominal area and shoulders, together with the gains in the flexibility of the upper body. You only need to see a gymnast to understand it.

There is a possibility that you can find rings for  20-40 euros and you can take them with you everywhere. Placing them in bars, a tree or any solid pillar that supports your weight.

Hanging bar

The strength of traction and grip are challenged when you hang yourself from a bar and try to bring your chin over it. Musculature as powerful as the dorsal one, used by our ancestors every day, is inactive at present. These lack of strength weaken our back.

Therefore, I encourage you to buy a bar. There are some that are placed in a door of your house, fixed bars anchored to the wall or structures, much more expensive, that allow you to work with Olympic bar (interesting option if you have enough space and you can buy bar and discs), although I use a removable structure.


From Russia, we get these old, but effective, weights. In the past, the Russian army used them for demonstrations of strength, resistance, and coordination. Today, almost everyone uses them for the same, although some use them to do biceps. To the list of nonsense, adds another. These tools make your muscles work as they are, “chains” that work together to achieve a function.

Do not forget that a dumbbell can also help you because you can change the weights, although it will not give you the facilities in the movements of the kettlebells. In my case, I have dumbbells with small weights and weights higher than this material.

Parallels (Parallels)

Like the rings, they serve to work your shoulders, arms, and abs. Also to work with blocked elbows and maintaining body posture. For me, they are fundamental to develop the progressions of exercises like the L-sit. You can make them homemade and save money. I leave the link to a video in which they show how to make them with PVC pipes.

I hope you liked my collection of basic materials to have at home. If you can think of one more that I have not put, I invite you to write in the comments. If you liked the article, share it so that it reaches more people and can save a few euros in the gym.

I leave you with a photograph of my home gym and movement laboratory. The structure serves as parallels if some tubes are removed. Good pretty and cheap. It cost me what it costs me 3 months of the gym. The other 9 months of the year I have plenty of material to start getting the movements of the 21st century.


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