This is the best sport you can practice in spring


Spring arrives and the increase in heat thanks sports that can be enjoyed outdoors. If you like to enjoy nature we explain what is the best sport to practice in spring.

With the arrival of spring, outdoor sports are appreciated. This season is the best time of the year to enjoy nature blossoming and begin to feel the sun, still soft, on the skin but without suffocating when doing physical activity.

For this reason, the best sport you can practice in spring is hiking. This specialty of mountaineering is ideal for those who want to disconnect from the busy pace of life in cities, move away and disconnect for a couple of hours. Hiking is a sport that can be practiced both with friends and accompanied by family. A time to enjoy nature while knowing the ethnographic and cultural heritage that surrounds us.

But beware, hiking cannot be practiced by any path. This sport must be carried out on homologated trails, such as the real canyons, trails or neighborhood roads and always following the signs. Surely you’ve ever gone through the mountains and found some trees or stones painted with different red, yellow or green markings.

Some routes that are worth hiking at this time of year are the Sierra de Guadarrama if you are in Madrid or the Jerte Valley in Extremadura. In the north of Spain, there are many paths of lush vegetation for which you can go hiking but without a doubt, one that takes your breath away is the Irati Forest in Navarra. On the other hand, if you live in the Balearic Islands, what better than a route along the beach? The Camí de Cavalls runs through the Island of Menorca.

If you are going to cheer up with hiking you must take into account some tips: before going hiking and entering the route you must look at the weather forecast and make sure that the weather is adequate since in spring there are usually enough rains. Look at the weather and avoid the rain to surprise you halfway.

Another thing you should keep in mind is clothing: fundamentally you should wear clothes that are comfortable and that fit the weather. The best is clothes that perspire. Also, you must take into account the footwear. This should be mainly comfortable, like clothes, and with non-slip soles. A very good option is the low boots, as they will protect your ankles from possible sprains.

Although in spring the sun is still not as strong as in summer you should not forget to wear sunglasses and a cap or hat that protect you from solar radiation and sunscreen for those parts that may be exposed and more exposed to the sun as the shoulders, The arms, and the legs. A trick that can be very useful is to wear a handkerchief. In this way, you can use it both to protect yourself from the sun, as a basket to collect fruits or in case of emergency to cover a wound.

Finally, throughout the hiking route, you should always be well hydrated. Bring water and chocolate or nuts with you to avoid stress drops during physical activity. In this case, the energy bars that combine both ingredients are the most recommended.


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