The shinrin-yoku: the medicine of the forest that you did not know


The shinrin-yoku, also known as the forest bath, is an exercise that tries to stay in the forest for a certain time. Your goal is to try to find within your atmosphere, well-being, and happiness.

This activity comes from Japan whose purpose is to spiritually cure those who practice it. Its practice does not necessarily have to develop in a forest, it can be anywhere surrounded by nature. A very leafy park in an hour where there are no people can also serve.

How is shinrin-yoku practiced?

To benefit from it, guidelines must be followed. It is not about entering the forest or nature to go hiking, much less. Here the physical effort is almost nil, the walks of shinrin-yoku should be done without haste and connect with the natural environment. Generally, these routes do not have more than two kilometers and usually last between 2 and 4 hours.

The walk should be enjoyed and activate the senses, let the sounds of nature enter our mind and the smells of the vegetation. It is necessary to make stops to savor the place and find peace.

What are the benefits of shinrin-yoku?

Resorting to this healthy habit such as shinrin-yoku will help your body:

  • Practicing shinrin-yoku helps improve mood. It has been shown that walking at least one hour in the forest favors the feeling of having a better state of health and strength. In turn, the stress hormone ( cortisol ) decreases, relieves blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, asthma, and many other diseases.
  • With this therapy anxiety, depression promotes concentration and motivates to lead a healthy life is significantly reduced. It helps keep the immune system stronger since stress is reduced.
  • Going into the heart of the forest makes the mind unlock and have greater reception capacity. This develops creativity and is very beneficial especially in times of greater work or personal burden.
  • The nervous system also benefits. The heart rate is reduced, the energy recharges and the feeling of well-being grows at times.

The shinrin-yoku against stress

Every year more than three million Japanese attend these activities to eliminate stress, reduce hypertension and eliminate anxiety. We know that the urban life of Japan is very intense, in fact, sessions are organized with monitors to get more out of shinrin-yoku. Even companies make these therapies available to their executive employees to relieve stress. What they get with it is that they are more productive in their work.

They take therapy very seriously, so much so that, before starting it, they undergo blood pressure tests. In addition, they collect other data to know the degree of benefit after each session.

Being exposed to nature greatly benefits neurons through the changes that are generated in the nervous system. In addition, the hormone adiponectin is multiplied, thereby reducing the negative effects on obesity, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. It is proven that forests and the natural environment are therapeutic. Some walks in meditation mode download the negative to bring the positive.

A detail to keep in mind is that you can not carry the phone on, or anything that can distract you. Otherwise, you are not following the guidelines necessary for it to work. This activity serves to disconnect, eliminate stress and discharge everything that is not beneficial to the mind. Look for environments away from the noise of the city and start practicing shinrin-yoku.


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