If in four years you have not gotten fit here you have some last tips to try again


Four years go a long way. In four years you can move, you can get married, you can find work and, above all, it gives you to get in shape. Or not, it depends. One way or another, for what it does give you time in four years is to at least learn a lot of things in the field of fitness and running, and here we want to make a compilation of some of those tips that we have published to be served forever.

From Bikila to Rob de Castella, during this time the stories of a multitude of runners who, for some reason, have risen to fame, as well as champions and champions who have won in competitions that, even By now, we could have imagined before, like running backward.

We have also advised for novice runners, as well as a dictionary to understand all the slang of the sector, and, conversely, a guide to understanding the ‘ runners ‘ when they talk to each other; and we have even asked ourselves if saying running was better than saying ‘runners’.

We have focused on personal aesthetics as an important point to always stay healthy and, in this sense, it is worth mentioning the advice we gave you to eliminate, once and for all, the jowls , as well as those hanger arms , the feared cartridge cases and , how could it be otherwise, the beer belly and cellulite in both men and women. In the videos section, you can always have the best exercises done by Álvaro, Paula, Javier, Amalia, Isabel … and that will help you get in shape whenever you want, of course.

Special mention should be made of all the superheroes that, at some point, have played a leading role in Running and Fitness. We trained with a kettlebell to be as strong as Thor, we put ourselves in the position of Superman to avoid back pain in the future, we saw the Weider routine to become the Swacheneger in your neighborhood, we saw several exercises to not end up breathing so badly like Darth Vader and we learned to do yoga as Harry Potter would .

As we have always tried to convey, to start playing sports, it is best that you first test yourself to avoid problems with your heart. The sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise and obesity is an epidemic that affects every day more people and, especially, children. Oh, and remember that Operation Bikini does not start in June, but much earlier. Here are all the Bikini Operation items we have made.

All these tips that we have given you for four years to try to improve your quality of life a little would not have been possible without a professional luxury team, specialists in running, fitness, nutrition, cycling, dancing, triathlon …

If we have managed to make a small change in your life for the better, discover you some new sport modality that you have been hooked on later or, simply, tear off a smile while reading or watching our videos, for us it will have been a success.


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